1. The owner of the Emilia Arendt Boutique is the company Radosław Wróblewski with its registered office in Warsaw, address:  European Union, Poland, Warsaw, ZIP 03-455,  6A/19 Namysłowska Street, entered into the register of entrepreneurs CEIDG, REGON 146794159, UE VAT PL6661781606. The Boutique enables buying goods using an electronic network (Internet ) - at the Internet address: www.emiliaarendt.pl. The administrator of the personal data of the customers is the company Radosław Wróblewski with its registered office in Warsaw, address: European Union, Poland, Warsaw, ZIP 03-455, 6A / 19 Namysłowska Street.

  2. Terms & Conditions that you are reading are addressed to all users of the Boutique. We say in it:

    • how to order Handicrafts available in Boutique,

    • what does the Handicraft order mean,

    • what is the content of the sales contract,

    • what to do if you want to withdraw from the sales contract,

    • what to do if you want to make a complaint,

    • what are the rules for registration and use of the Boutique account.

  3. Due to the fact that Boutique  offers hand-sewn and custom-made handbags only - information on Handicrafts in the Boutique, among others descriptions, prices constitute an invitation to conclude a sales contract within the meaning of Polish Civil Code, art. 71, in accordance with the conditions of the Terms & Conditions.

  4. Each Handicraft in the Boutique is described in detail, and the description contains information in particular on the properties of the Handicraft, its price, colors and materials from which it will be made.

  5. The photographs and presentations of the Handicraft show the real, previously made, copies of the Handicraft that you can order.

  6. Handicrafts offered by us in Boutique are not intended for further resale carried out by the Ordering Party for commercial purposes.


  1. The contract for the sale of Handicrafts is concluded between the user of Boutique and the owner of the Boutique   i.e. the company Radosław Wróblewski based in Warsaw.

  2. Because we want to be sure that you make an informed decision about the order of the Handicraft - to use the Boutique you have to read the Terms & Conditions that you are reading and accept it.

  3. At the time of ordering we will ask you for some information. This information should be truthful, current and accurate. We warn you that if the details are so inaccurate that they will prevent us from completing the order (in particular, they will prevent the delivery of the parcel) - we can refuse to process the order. Before we make such a decision, we will try to contact you to determine the data enabling the execution of the order.

  4. We respect you and expect the same in relation to us and other Boutique customers. Therefore, we expect that by using the Boutique you will not:

    • provide or transmit content prohibited by law,

    • send or place unsolicited commercial information as part of the Boutique;

    • disrupt the functioning of the Boutique,

    • use the Boutique in a way that is disruptive to other customers and for the Boutique Administrator;

    • use the content posted on the Boutique website for your own use.


  1. In the Boutique you can order for Handicrafts as follows:

    • on the Boutique website (on-line), using the ordering procedure,

    • by e-mail, sending an order indicating the Handicraft or Handicrafts chosen by you, to the e-mail address: butik@emiliaarendt.pl

  2. To place an online order, select the Handicraft in the Boutique, indicate the number of ordered Handicrafts, and then go to the "Cart" page select further options regarding at least the method and delivery address of the Handicraft, and the method of payment selected from the ways we indicate in the Boutique, and the type of fiscal confirmation (receipt or invoice).

  3. To place an order by e-mail, indicate the Crafted order by entering its name (as it is used in the Boutique), enter the method and delivery address chosen by you and the method of payment selected from the ways we indicate in the Boutique. Do not forget to send us the address you want us to deliver Handicrafts. If you want to receive a VAT invoice - write it clearly, and provide the details of the company or person for whom we shall issue an invoice. By default, we send a receipt.

  4. Until the choice of Handicrafts is confirmed by clicking the "Order and Pay" button, you can change the composition of the Order, the delivery address, the method of payment and the type of confirmation of sale.

  5. At the moment when you approve the Order with the "Order and pay" button, you accept the obligation to pay the Handicrafts prices and the costs of delivery.

  6. Approving the order with the "Order and pay" button means that you have placed Radosław Wróblewski, the owner of the Boutique, an offer to conclude a sales contract in accordance with the content of the order and Terms & Conditions you are currently reading.

  7. At the latest on the first business day after placing the order, you will receive a confirmation message that we would have received an offer to conclude a sales agreement at the email address provided by you. The message will contain the following information (Final Terms):

    • the name of the ordered Handicraft,

    • the number of ordered Handicrafts,

    • order value along with delivery costs,

    • the method of payment of the Order,

    • form and delivery address,

    • type of sales confirmation,

    • expected duration of the Order,

    • the withdrawal procedure,

    • the way of making a complaint.

  8. Orders can be placed around the clock, all days of the week. Remember, however, that the orders placed on Saturdays and bank holidays will start on the first working day after receiving the order.

  9. You can place an order by having an Account in a Boutique or without registering your data in the Boutique database (shopping without registration).

  10. The sales contract is concluded in Polish, with the content in line with these Terms & Conditions and the order placed by you.

  11. Regardless of your right to withdraw from the contract in accordance with the generally applicable law, you can cancel the order:

    • before receiving from the Boutique confirmation of acceptance of the purchase offer, that is before receiving the email about which we write in point 16 above,

    • within two days of receiving the Final Terms from us.

  12. In order to cancel the order, please contact the Boutique immediately, giving at least the order number you are leaving by email to the address butik@emiliaarendt.pl.

  13. Butique will confirm the acceptance of the resignation by e-mail sent to the e-mail address provided at the time of placing the Order.

  14. We reserve the right to refuse to process the Order if the contact details of the Ordering Party are so vague that they prevent the delivery of the Handicraft.

  15. If you choose a different form of payment than "cash on delivery", we reserve the right to refuse the order if:

    • the payment will not be authorized in the electronic payment system used by Butik,

    • payment for the order will not be made within 2 business days of placing the order.


  1. The estimated time of preparing the order given by us in the Final Terms may differ from the approximate time specified in the Handicraft description provided in the Boutique, because each Handicraft is hand-sewn, supplied with fittings and checked.

  2. All shipments are carried out with an insured courier delivery.

  3. We deliver orders of at least PLN 200.00 (in words: two hundred) at the Boutique's expense. Otherwise, the cost of shipping of purchased Handicrafts in the amount of PLN 15 (in words: fifteen) shall be borne by the Ordering Party, which shall be notified to the Ordering Party before the approval of the order.

  4. The Handicraft delivery address may be located outside the territory of the Republic of Poland, where:

    • we only deliver on the territory of the European Union,

    • we do not carry out supplies to the overseas territories of European Union countries.

  5. The orders referred to in item 27 above are implemented in accordance with these Terms & Conditions with the following changes:

    • the date of the order depends on the place of delivery of the goods, but it is normally longer by 7 working days from the delivery date in Poland,

    • We deliver orders of at least PLN 1,000 (in words: one thousand) or € 250 at the expense of Boutique. In other cases, the cost of shipping goods is PLN 69.90 or € 20,

    • the delivery of goods will only be made through a courier company,

    1. payment for goods can only be made using on-line payment tools.

  6. The Boutique does not manage its activities outside Poland, but only allows Ordering Party to indicate as a place of delivery of the European Union (with exclusions) on the principles described above.​



  1. The price of the purchase and delivery of the Handicraft is final from the moment we send the e-mail with the confirmation of the order.The subsequent price changes that may occur in the Boutique do not affect the price for the Customer.

  2. All prices of Handicrafts in the Boutique are given in Polish zlotys (PLN), and the prices include VAT.

  3. The Ordering Party pays the price for the ordered Handicrafts together with the delivery costs, according to their choice:

    • "Cash on delivery" to the courier at the place of delivery,

    • Bank transfer,

    • via the electronic payment system available on the Boutique website.

  4.  If the Ordering party chooses the payment method in the form of a bank transfer or via electronic payment, failure to receive payment on behalf of the company Radosław Wróblewski or the company running the electronic payment system within 2 days of placing the order will result in the order being canceled. In this situation, the Ordering Party may place orders again and choose another payment method.

  5.  We reserve the right to change the prices of Handicrafts located in the Boutique, to introduce new Handicrafts for sale, to carry out and cancel promotions on the Boutique pages, or to make changes to them in accordance with the Polish Civil Code and other acts, but such changes do not violate the rights of persons who have concluded agreements for the sale of Handicrafts offered by Boutique before the above-mentioned changes or rights of persons entitled to use a given promotion, in accordance with its rules and during its duration.



  1. The Handicrafts offered by us are new, made to order of the Ordering Party, unless the description indicates that the Handicrafts exhibition are sold.

  2. Every Handicraft bought in the Boutique can be complained with the deadlines and terms of complaints specified in the relevant law, if it has defects, constituting its non-compliance with the concluded sales contract.

  3. Complaints may be submitted by mail by returning the Handicraft with a written description of the defect and proof of purchase in Boutique, by registered mail or other form of shipment to the following address: Emilia Arendt Boutique, Namysłowska Street 6A/19, 03-455 Warsaw, Poland with the note: "Complaint". The Ordering Party will receive information on the method of handling the complaint within 14 days from the day following the receipt by Butik of the parcel containing the advertised Handicrafts.

  4. In the event that we do not accept the complaint - we will send back the Handicraft to the Ordering Party together with the justification for rejecting the complaint.

  5. Please check the Handicraft immediately after delivery and in the event of damage in transit, we recommend ordering a damage report in the presence of the courier.

  6. The Boutique to contact the Ordering Party is as follows: butik@emiliaarendt.pl.



  1. You have the right to withdraw from the sales agreement without giving a reason, regardless of whether you are a consumer or an entrepreneur under the law of general law, if the order has been placed in accordance with the Terms & Conditions you are currently reading.

  2. You have 30 days to withdraw from the contract from delivery of the Handicraft to the address provided by you in the order.

  3. In order to exercise your right to withdraw from the contract you must inform us about your decision with a clear statement sent before the deadline for withdrawal from the contract:

    • to the email address butik@emiliaarendt.pl

    • or to the address of Emilia Arendt Boutique, Namysłowska Street 6A / 19, 03-455 Warsaw, Poland.

  4.  The declaration of withdrawal from the contract is valid provided that you send back the craft to the following address immediately, not later than within 14 days from the day on which you inform us about the withdrawal from the contract, to: Emilia Arendt Boutique, Namysłowska Street 6A / 19, 03-455 Warsaw, Poland.

  5.  The Handicraft returned can not bear traces of using it in a different way than was necessary to establish the features and character of the Handicraft.

  6.  Within 3 working days of receiving the Handicraft sent for the reason of withdrawal from the contract, we will refund you the Handicraft price and delivery costs up to the cheapest way of delivering the Handicraft offered by Boutique. The condition of making a refund is sending us - along with the declaration of withdrawal from the contract or in the shipment with Handicrafts - the number of the bank account to which we are to return money.

  7.  If you have an account in the Boutique, you can use the "Free return" option, provided that:

    •  Your order has been placed using the Account in the Boutique,

    •  The value of the order under which you make a refund was not less than PLN 300,

  8.  To use the "Free return" option, please e-mail us by sending a message about the desire to take advantage of the free return to butik@emiliaarendt.pl. The Handicraft will be picked up by the courier we send at the agreed time and place agreed. The "free return" option is  implemented in Poland only.


  1. In order to be able to handle Orders, we process personal data. The administrator of the User's personal data set is the owner of the Emilia Arendt Boutique, Radosław Wróblewski, based in Warsaw.

  2. We are clients ourselves, so we know how important personal data protection is. We process them in the way we would like our data to be processed, including in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016 in force in the European Union.

  3. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the processing of your data - you can contact our Data Protection Officer:

    • e-mail address: butik@emiliaarendt.pl

    • office address: IOD, Emilia Arendt Boutique, Namysłowska Street 6A / 19, 03-455 Warsaw, Poland.

  4. We process personal data in order to:

    • fulfill the contract concluded with the Purchaser of the Handicraft sale contract - the basis for data processing is in this case the contract concluded with the Administrator by accepting the Boutique Terms & Conditions,

    • be able to run a Boutique User account - the basis for data processing is in this case the contract concluded with the Administrator by creating an account and accepting the Boutique Terms & Conditions,

    • carry out complaint processes - in this case the basis of processing is the Administrator's obligation resulting from the provision of the law regarding the warranty for defects in the item sold,

    • if you give your consent to the email address or telephone number provided by you, we may send commercial information regarding the Handicrafts offered in the Boutique, including promotional offers - in this case, the basis for processing the User's data is his consent, which is not mandatory and may be withdrawn at any time,

    • be able to send personalized marketing messages to the User on the Boutique website, e.g. in the form of a suggestion to purchase goods using profiling. The messages will be prepared based on the analysis of purchases made by the User - the basis for the processing of the User's data in this case will be the legitimate interest of the Administrator consisting in the marketing of goods offered in the Boutique,

    • to present the Handicraft - we may send information about the Emilia Arendt Boutique offer from time to time to the address provided by you - the basis for the User's personal data processing in this respect will be the Administrator's legitimate interest in marketing the goods indicated in the offer. You can at any time object to the processing of your personal data in the above scope by contacting Boutique,

    • be able to analyze the statistics we need to better understand what we are doing well and what we should improve. In this case, the basis for processing is the legitimate interest of the Administrator consisting in collecting information enabling the development of activities and customizing services to the needs of Boutique Users,

    • be able to prove the performance of our obligations, assert claims due to us or defend ourselves against claims that may be directed against us, prevent or detect fraud - the basis for processing User's data in this case will be the legitimate interest of the Administrator, such as protection of rights, confirmation of performance and obtaining the remuneration due from the Administrator's clients.

  5. We collect personal data that is not used outside of Boutique, will not be sold to anyone, or transferred free of charge. The only exception is the process of order fulfillment, during which we must transfer personal data to the owner of the electronic payment system so that the payment could be made, and to the company or companies that deliver the shipment to customer.

  6. The personal data we collect will be processed within the period necessary to implement the contract of sale, as well as claim claims, as well as confirmation of the Administrator's performance and claims or defense against claims that may be directed against the Administrator - however not longer than 10 years from the date of transfer The administrator of his data by the User.

  7. We use IT and organizational security measures aimed at minimizing the risk of data leakage, their destruction and disintegration, such as: firewall system, anti-virus and anti-spam security systems, internal access procedures, data processing and emergency recovery, as well as a backup system.

  8. In accordance with the rules set out in the GDPR you have the following rights in relation to the processing of your personal data in connection with the operation of the Boutique: the right to access data, update them, the right to request data transfer, delete them, raise objections to data processing and the right requests to limit their processing.

  9. If you feel that we process your data contrary to what we agreed to or in violation of the law - you can file a complaint to the President of the Office of Personal Data Protection in Poland (all the contact data available at https://www.uodo.gov.pl/en/484).

  10. By entering the website of the Boutique you can (depending on the settings of your web browser) receive information that we use cookies that are not a component of the content of services provided by us, and which enable later identification of the User entering the Boutique website. We use them to better understand how Users use the Boutique (eg if we notice that Users make mistakes in some of the steps of placing an Order - we can change the page to facilitate the use of the Boutique). Traffic monitoring is also useful for our billing with companies that display our ads - thanks to cookies, we know who we should pay for services. You can at any time disable the possibility of using cookies by the appropriate settings in your web browser.


  1. Without your acceptance of the provisions of these Terms & Conditions, we can not provide the ordering service or fulfill the Order. The Boutique will enable the Ordering Party to read the Terms & Conditions when placing the order. If you do not accept the changes introduced in the Terms & Conditions - you can demand us to delete your account.

  2.      We reserve ourselves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions at any time. Amendments to the Terms&Condtions apply to orders placed after a given amendment to these Terms&Condtions, subject to the provisions of point X 1. "